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Learn how to make an AI powered

NLP based Voice Bot


Learn how to make an advanced AI powered Chatbot that reflects the customer journey at each stage.

Tools provided!

What you'll Learn

  • How to Design your Bot

  • How to use Bot builder to launch & test.

  • How to use NLP/NLU for conversations 

Ideal for

  • Anyone Interested in Bots

  • Product Managers

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Marketers

Morning Session


9 am: Chatbot Design

  • 4 Parts of a Bot

  • Design Mindset & 3 Basic Tension Points

  • IDEO’s Design Process & Creating Value

  • Chatbot Design Principles: fallbacks, 

10 am: Starting our Project

  • Overview of our Project

  • Designing our Conversational Flows

  • Using Plugins, API Calls to connect to 3rd party services.

11 ma: Launching & Testing our Bot

  • Launching our Bot on Messenger & Voice

  • Test Bot with friends


Mehfuz Hossain

Mehfuz Hossain

Co-Founder SmartLoop.Ai

Joseph Holguin

Joseph Holguin

Co-Founder SmartLoop.Ai

Afternoon Session

1pm: AI/NLP Fundamentals

  •  Intent Classification

  • Entity Extraction 

  • Dialogue Management

2: 30pm: Building using Rasa Stack

  • Understand how the open source Rasa Stack works 

  • Transfer your designed assistant into Rasa

  • Coding our bot in an online sandbox


Alexander Weidauer

Co-Founder Rasa

Meet the Instructors

Mehfuz Hossain

Mehfuz Hossain is the co-founder and CTO of His expertise is in the artificial intelligence, natural language processing/understanding, and machine learning. Formerly, he was a principal and advisor at Telerik, which was acquired for a $265M.

Joseph Holguin

Joseph Holguin is an experienced marketer and startup founder. He is the co-founder of which is one of the leading enterprise level chatbot builders. Over the past year, he has consulted many of the fortune 500 companies like Oath, Coke, Wyre, Adobe on their chatbot projects.


Alexander Weidauer is co-founder and CEO of Rasa, the leading open source machine learning toolkit that lets developers expand bots beyond answering simple questions. Alexander studied Computer Science and Management, has worked for McKinsey and various tech startups before. Alexander was recently on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

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